“Becoming the Liturgy” – Ian Morgan Cron

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Naked On the Borderlands

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There is a powerful lie we all believe: that we are worthy of love on our own account, by what we do. We stand on top of this mountain of pride, believing that we are the center of the world. Yes, this is a great lie. But it is not the most powerful lie. There is a lie that cuts even deeper: that we are not worthy at all. There is a serpent who knows this, it has been there before. It has risen to the top of this mountain of pride, wanting to be God. But the fall of pride is so great because we rise to such great heights. And when we hit the bottom, we are cut open so deeply that we come to believe that we could never be loved. We could never be worthy. We have done so much to distance ourselves from love. And so we wallow in that.  “We tried to piece something back together that was never actually broken, only to find that we have failed.” And the serpent takes a hold of...

What I Mean When I Mean the Words I Use

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Let me cut to the chase. I don’t think we should be aborting babies. I also don’t think we should be executing criminals, innocent OR guilty. I don’t think we should be waging wars. And as much as I am for the life of an unborn child, I am also for the life of the mother, or father–or anyone for that matter–who feels a situation dire enough to warrant the termination of another life. Where is the life there? Either in circumstances or in worldview, where is the life? And I must be for the life of someone who is willing to devote their lives to campaigning for a woman’s right to choose whether her baby lives or dies. And I must be for the life of all those killed–by drug overdoses, crimes, cancer, terrorist attacks. I must be for the life of their families and loved ones. I must be for the life of the Islamic fundamentalist extremist who kills by weapon, by ideal, by plot. I must be for...


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I would like to be still and know simple things, like your eyes, feel the breeze, warm water, the hem of your blouse on my wrist, without telling a story, but I remember when you met me in the belly of the big fish cannery that summer in Uganik Bay. You pressed my wet hand against your belly, and staring into my eyes, yours glittering like the salmon scales covering the floor, said, “It’s a girl.” I thought nothing, seeing only the future in you, while my fears, like those scales on the floor, fell shimmering. I am still uncertain as to what constitutes a vignette, but it sounds like a beautiful name for a...

Hello world!

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