About Me

Let me start with a bit of a disclaimer: I can’t think of a good reason that you should listen to me. I don’t write enough to warrant calling myself a writer, and I don’t have the degree to call myself a graphic designer, though I do both those things and get paid for them. I am, however, a songwriter, which is something I can legitimately say I’ve done for about 15 years. I’m also a publicist for roots music songwriters and musicians, which is something I’ve done for considerably less time. And though it sounds pretentious (to me, at least) to call myself a “thinker,” I do think a lot about many different things; perhaps I can get away with this because I happen to have a B.A. in Philosophy (yeah, I know – but seriously, it’s a great major).

So perhaps the best way to introduce myself is that I try to be an honest curator of ideas, discussion, and relationship. I love following rabbit trails, asking questions, ruminating, and pointing others in the right direction or, perhaps just “good directions.” I won’t claim much authority on things, but I’ll share my experiences and questions related to those things and give you my best guess.

This is all generally framed by my faith in Jesus and the story of the Bible, which is both the answer to some questions and the source of many others. I care deeply about history because I also care equally about the present and the future. The world matters, and I believe deeply that this Jewish rabbi who was executed by the Roman Empire a number of centuries ago is its hope. I also believe that this rabbi was resurrected three days after being executed (dead), and buried. (I know, I know! I’m well aware how crazy that actually sounds, but I think that it’s ultimately not worth it to only believe things that are obviously true. I have other reasons, but just know that I’m open about my questions here and that those who claim sheer certainty about everything are probably fooling themselves. I also think that the best stories are the ones that sit on the edge between obvious fantasy and obvious reality. THAT story, if you’re being honest, will keep you coming back again and again.)

Some other fun facts about me:

• I’m from the Pacific Northwest (or “a Cascadian,” my preferred term), which, if you don’t know, has very much it’s own culture and identity. I was born and raised in Edmonds, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, where I currently live. I’ve also lived in Seattle as well as Newberg, Oregon, near Portland.

• I was raised very much bilingual and bi-cultural, as my mom is from Norway and we spent a lot of time there growing up. All my extended family on her side (as well as some of my dad’s) is over there. It’s like a second home to me.

• I was born on St. Patrick’s Day, though I’m not Irish at all (as far as I know).